Educational Plastic Toys Bricks For Toddler

Educational Plastic Toys Bricks For Toddler

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Educational Plastic Toys Bricks for Toddler FAQ: Q: What is your MOQ for outdoor fitness order? A: Our MOQ is 1pc or 1 set per item no., total amount no less than US$5000/order. Q: How about your price and how much discount I can get? A: Our...

Product Details

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd.

Educational Plastic Toys Bricks for Toddler 

Product Name

Educational Plastic Toys Bricks for Toddler

Applicable Place

Kindergarten, Preschool, Square, Amusement Park, etc.

Item No.


Material & Dimension

1.  Size: 432pcs/set
2. Material:Plastic
3. Design: As photo,fine workmanship                


1-100 Sets.

Production Time
Warranty Time

15-25 Days.
1 Year


Carton and export standard



Term of Payment

30% T/T prepaid, balance before shipment

Main Market

Mid-East region/Africa/India/Southeast Asia/European country/South America

Production Range

Customized Size and Designs are Welcome!




Why Choose HAOXIANG?

 1. Safe

The company has been developing and won great reputation from the customers since founded in 1987.All our designs and products are strictly inspected according to the safety standards to make sure all the parts of the toys will cause no harm to the kids. All the metal parts are smooth and the plastic parts are no-toxic, anti-ultraviolet property, conforming to the standard of FOOD class.


2.  Experienced

In order to make sure that every part of our products can make you satisfied and reach your requirements.

All our products are strictly and safely produced .Our products bring to the children not only happiness but also the health and wisdom.


3. Competitive price

Because of the direct selling,our price is more competitive.With the same amount of money, you will enjoy more experienced designs,faster delivery,professional installation instructions and much better services.


4. High Quality

We always believe that the best way to return customers is to provide the most superior goods.Our products owe the long-lasting color,innovative

design and professional producing which can help keep our products in a good condition even after long time use or even in the harsh

climatic conditions. All the parts will keep high durability between the temperature -50°C~50°C.


Contact Information

Please Always Feel free to call me: 86-577-67162756 /86-13777762616
Official Website: 

If you are interested in our educational plastic toy brick, educational plastic toy bricks, educational toys brick, educational toys bricks, toddler educational toy brick, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Evolution may have touched everything on its path - making it a better or newer thing - but it certainly doesn't affect a child's toy - the building blocks. These toys have been circulating for a long time before people think of video games and electronic toys. Originally made of simple wood, building blocks now appear in plastic and soft materials. It is generally considered not only the oldest toy around babies and children, but also the cheapest toy parents can get for their children.

But does building blocks play an important role in the development of infants' intelligence? If they do so, what role will they play?

Building blocks have always been considered as one of the toys that help infants develop intelligence. Soft blocks, when different bright colors are produced, and produce sound squeezing, help a baby up to six months old to distinguish colors and respond to sounds. Because this is also the stage for them to start remembering, and this is also the time for your baby to learn to relate to cause and effect. At this early stage, your baby can also learn to distinguish between texture and shape. Therefore, different shapes of building blocks will give your baby the first-hand experience of these differences.

In seventh to twelfth months, your baby has better sports skills, can find hidden objects, and have been able to contact objects and transfer them from one hand to the other. It is at this stage that building blocks can help your baby put similar things together, and help your little ones finely adjust their eyes to hand coordination.

At the age of twelve to fifteen months old, your baby has shown signs of visual spatial skills. This is a great time for them to learn to build buildings and stacked blocks to form a pagoda. At this stage, building blocks can also learn more planning and using their imagination for your children. It is at this stage that building blocks can help develop your baby's fines and gross motor skills. Playing the building block can also be your child's first introduction to counting, addition and subtraction of the basic mathematical operations.

As your child progresses, you can introduce him or her to wooden and plastic blocks. You can even give them more complicated ways to improve their logical thinking skills, apart from their visual spatial skills. They can even use these blocks to play games with playmates and create a brand new game based on the blocks they use. Today, one of the most famous building blocks around the world is Lego. It is a plastic block, and children can use it to expand their imagination. Other brands, whose names are in building blocks, include Tik toys and Lincoln Logs.



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