High Quality Indoor Soft Playground for Inside Use Naughty Castle for Kids from 3 to 12 Years

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. High Quality Indoor Soft Playground for Inside Use Naughty Castle for Kids from 3 to 12 Years Generial description: 1 Name: High Quality Indoor Soft Playground for Inside Use Naughty Castle for Kids from 3 to 12 Years 2 Material: Import LLDPE,...

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High Quality Indoor Soft Playground for Inside  Use Naughty Castle for Kids from 3 to 12 Years

High Quality Indoor Soft Playground for Inside  Use Naughty Castle for Kids from 3 to 12 Years1.jpg

Generial description:
1 Name: High Quality Indoor Soft Playground for Inside Use Naughty Castle for Kids from 3 to 12 Years

2 Material: Import LLDPE, steel pipe, PP

3 Player Age: 3-12 Years old.
4 Easily Assembled, Eco-Friendly, Rot-Proof, Waterproof, Safety, Non-toxic.
5 With strong team support of 15 members of professional designers. We can design any customized outdoor playground, indoor playground, children swing, climbing wall according to your requirement.

6 Usage: Preschool. Kindergarten, indoor playground, school, shopping mall etc
7 Install instructions are available.

8 Model: HX10201B

9 Size: 5*4m

10 Consists of: ball pool, slide, rainbow ladder, rocking horse, etc



Q1: Are you exporting to our country or other countries?

A1: we have been engaged in this business for over 30 years. Our products are widely exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world except Antarctica.

Q2: can you make a design for the equipment?

A2: of course. Our R & D department will design for you according to the scale of your project and your special requirements.

Q3: how long is the warranty time for your equipment?

A3: outdoor playground, providing 24 months warranty.

For outdoor fitness equipment, we offer a 12 month warranty.

For other small games and small devices, we offer a 6 month warranty. The conditions of guarantee are as follows: if any quality problems (such as human and abnormal use) occur during the warranty period, such as rupture of plastic parts, discoloration and damage to iron parts, the buyer shall notify the seller within 14 days after the discovery of the quality PR. Oblate. The buyer shall provide the same quality and new accessories free of charge within 30 days.

Q4: Do you have a certificate for your product?

A4: of course. We have WSCT (World Standardized certification and testing), CE, GS/TUV, En1171, En1176, En1177, IOS9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, and more than 30 honors and certificates from national standard organizations.

Q5: Can we install your equipment by ourselves?

A5: Yes, many customers install it by themselves. We will provide professional detailed installation drawings and instructions.


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Looking for a safe haven for your children to run, play and learn? Indoor playground has become a place for parents to let children relax and exercise themselves.

With slides, pits, and other interactive jumping gymnasiums, indoor playgrounds are very popular among children and parents alike. Children can enjoy the freedom of interactive play area. Mothers and / or fathers can enjoy the lounge (the most complete Internet access) and relax and watch their children play.

Parents know that indoor playground is not only an environment for children to play, but also safe. Indoor playground workers regularly clean and disinfect the equipment in the indoor playground. They also laid down basic rules for children, such as no rough housing, socks and so on.

Most indoor amusement parks provide inflatable slides, obstacle courses, ball seats, interactive toy settings, game rooms and so on. Some people have makeup stations for children to interact with. Some stations are children's favorite theme playing areas.

The indoor playground also provides guests with birthday party options, where they can rent a designated time and allow private parties. Most of these gatherings are taken care of by indoor playground workers, providing a smooth and stress free experience for children and parents.

Consider taking your child to your indoor amusement park. They provide a stress free environment for parents to release some steam with their children in an interesting, safe and interactive environment.


When you want to know where some excellent indoor playground and scenic spots are, you can find some on the Internet or ask around. If a game space is popular with families, it will be welcomed and recommended. Arranging special attractions for you and your children can help you enjoy your weekends and summer holidays.

Indoor game space is perfect for any weather. If the outside is very hot, you still want to leave the house, you can venture into the indoor children's entertainment place. This is probably the only thing to do in those days.  Even in the unpredictable weather, there are some cold and rainy days, and some active fun indoors may be just things. When the temperature drops, you still want your family to keep healthy and busy. You can use indoor places.

There are a lot of game spaces to choose from. Most of them are different from each other and provide activities at a certain age level. Even if there is a specific number in the age range, it is better to search for websites on the Internet. On the Internet, you can well judge whether there are enough things for your children to buy. Through the business characteristics of pictures and information, you can use it as a basis for you to go or choose other things.

When you are strange, you may find a place on the Internet, but you are disappointed to get there. Sometimes the playground looks better than the real life on the Internet. That's why it's important not to give up and keep looking around until you find one that meets everyone's expectations.

One of the best features of indoor playground is that it is a large and safe area for children to run freely. When children can't play this kind of game outside, the room becomes very necessary. A great place will have plenty of room for running, and a climber will become more active. Children should be able to practise many skills, including sliding, crawling and climbing.

In order to make the playground the ultimate highlight, your children will love it very much and have a good time there. If it is only a place for children, there should be a comfortable place for parents to rest, and maybe drinks or snacks. If the attraction is parental involvement, then the activity should be the idea of adults and children.

There are two types of playgrounds. Those far away, the people near. Usually it's next door, it's a place where people often meet. Anyone can go out with friends. This is a good way for children to play, and adults can catch up with some adult talk. Trying to visit children's attractions is also driving. They may be interesting and worth taking the time to go there.

It is important to use indoor amusement parks and scenic spots. When they can't go out, they can help children and families keep busy.


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