Kids Kindergarten Plastic Chair Different Sizes For Your Choose In Preschool And Home

Kids Kindergarten Plastic Chair Different Sizes For Your Choose In Preschool And Home

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Kids Kindergarten Plastic Chair Different Sizes for Your Choose in Preschool and Home Generial description: 1 Name: Kids Kindergarten Plastic Chair Different Sizes for Your Choose in Preschool and Home 2 Material: plastic 3 Easily Assembled,...

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Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd.

Kids Kindergarten Plastic Chair Different Sizes for Your Choose in Preschool and Home

Kids Kindergarten Plastic Chair Different Sizes For Your Choose In Preschool And Home   


1.Use PP-friendly material,formed by injection molding,last long,colors do not fade influenced by the weather. The edge has humanized design of skid free.

2.The height of the table legs can be adjusted according to the kid's height and the ground situation.

3.The table legs are equipped with rubber pad to prevent sliding or scratching the floors.

4.Safe and light,easy to carry.


Our strength:

1. Competitive price with CE and ISO approved

2. Quick response and delivery on time

3. Good communication skills

4. We have professional designers who can design according to customers’ requirements

5. It can develop kids brain & kids physical strength.

6. Good for improving children's energy and imagination, and can Satisfy kids' metal needs of surpassing, exciting and exploring,  Helping them grow up happily, cleverly and healthily.  Different colors and shapes are available.  We can design diversified styles according to Clients' requirement and have various colors for selection.

7. Let your kids enjoy fun and interesting childhood.



Why Choose Haoxiang?

1. One of the Largest Kids Preschool Kindergarten Nursery Furniture and kids manufacturer in Wenzhou , China .

So don't hesitate to choose us.


2.Professional and Safety , we have professional engineer team , we can customize and make the special design for your kindergarten or nursery according to your site .


3. Perfect Service :

Before- Sale Service:24h phone service , quickly email response , kind and honest service attitude

 After-Sale Service:Be responsible for the shipping , arrange the shipping docu


4. Top Quality and Reasonable Price:

We maybe not the cheapest price in China , but we believe that the quality is our culture , quality is our soul.

So Choose Kids Kindergarten Preschool Nursery Furniture ,Choose Haoxiang!

No need to worry about the quality or safety .


Model Number


Measurements (cm)  





a. Anti-UV
  b. Anti-static          
  c. Security          
  d. Environmental protection          
  e. Color is not easy to fade  


Standard export   packing          
   in woven bag or in carton

Age Range

All age 


ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001   Certificate, and GS certificate from TUV Company of Germany

Apply to 

Home,Amusement park, kindergarten,   restaurant, residential area,pre-school, etc.

Price Terms

FOB Ningbo

Payment Term

30% Deposit by T/T; the balance   before shipment


7-15 days after payment is   received



Contact Information
As a leading company in Playground Equipment Field, we never compare too much price with competitors. We would only compare more of quality and after service !

Please Always Feel free to call me: 86-577-67162756 /86-13777762616
Official Website: 

If you are interested in our kids chair, kids plastic chair, plastic chair, kids kindergarten chair, kindergarten plastic chair, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.


Day care centers have to expand the caring and caring environment for children and children at home. One way to let parents know that your child is a place worth investing is day care supplies, one of which is an adjustable table and chair.

Why do you need to provide these day care furniture? This is because no matter how you divide your class and children's age, there are still those who are too high or too short for their age, when you just provide regular tables and chairs for them, some of these children will be unsure, desk activities, and may not like to dislike spending too much time in our facilities.

When you tell your parents how much you care about their children, by showing them these very effective and efficient day care products, they will believe that your place is a good place for their children to receive basic education and basic education. By having adjustable tables and chairs, you not only cater to the needs of students, but also save a lot. When children are old, they can adjust their furniture to suit their height. When children need it, they can adjust it immediately. You don't need to get the same number of chairs to match the number of students, you can only adjust the correct timetable for them.

Preschoolers spend only a few hours a day on your daycare, so why waste precious money, as long as you can use their timetable to maximize your classroom and furniture.

Now more and more houses are choosing modern and renovated houses, so that they can be more practical, economical and convenient to meet the requirements of modern life. Today, even if the children have to endure the busy obligations of the students in twenty-first Century, they designed the bedroom with computers, printers and other modern children's furniture and frescoes and other modern basic knowledge of the advanced small tools, chairs and tables. D on the wall

Nontraditional furniture, however, is totally different from modern children's furniture. Don't lose them because they look different, otherwise they will look totally different. Non traditional home furnishings are modern design. It pays more attention to aesthetics and abstract appearance, and creates modern furniture for children with function and convenience.

So, when you go to buy furniture for your children, it's important to bring them up so that you can better identify what they prefer and what they have to do with them. Basically, when we talk about furniture, we think of a table and a chair, a bed and a desk lamp, a table and a revolving chair to build the whole bedroom for your child. Toys and books don't have to be in the same place, but some small - type two - bedroom houses put their children's playroom in their own bedroom, or there is an extra small space in their residential area because of the lack of space. On the other hand, because of the small size of their children, their furniture occupies a limited space. So, although you put an extra basketball loop, or a theater in your living room, there will not be a big problem.

I have said that it is best to bring your children, so that they can help you pick which furniture to bring home. After all, they first use the furniture. But don't make decisions every time, such as choosing a customized furniture with a sports theme. Choose which one has educational value and consider second interesting advantages. According to recent studies, all children have certain characteristics and intelligence quotient. Parents should pay close attention to toys and furniture for them.

For example, if you notice that your child has artistic talent, you can surprise him by giving him or her an easel and a table. If she likes to read and write stories, you can use a bookshelf to frighten her to accommodate all her books and children's stories. It is also important that if your child shows a good performance in his study, often praised by the teacher, because of his or her good grades, reward him or her with toys or modern children's furniture, she or he has always been very keen, such as a game room or a special double bed. In this way, your child can be driven properly. If he or she does well and performs well, she can get a handsome return.

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