Children's Play Equipment Maintenance Tips

- Jul 12, 2017-

First: in the children's Amoy Park, especially the naughty fort this type of amusement equipment, using a lot of plastic. For the maintenance of materials such as plastic here, the general use of soapy water, disinfecting clothes, drifting powder and other scrub after washing. After the re-clean with water, and finally use a clean cloth dry.

Second: the soft sponge of the amusement equipment is scrubbed with a soft cloth dampened with soap and water. After waiting for the natural dry.

Third: the wood part, first with soapy water scrub, dry.

Fourth: If the amusement equipment in the metal part of the rust, you can brush brush rust. Then wash away the soapy water with water, then dry with a dry cloth.

Fifth: For the electric amusement equipment cleaning, because the first power. While not watering. You can scrub the wet cloth, dry and then connected to the power test.

Sixth: For indoor recreational equipment should be used daily UV disinfection. The same is the ventilation treatment. After a certain period of time to complete disinfection.

  Finally, for the amusement equipment must be regularly checked, check the items are mostly connected between the parts of the device is solid, frequent parts of the metal parts need to add lubricating oil, electrical equipment, circuits and parts are damaged exposed to insecurity section.

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