Sliding Play Equipment Three Play Points

- Jul 12, 2017-

To the holidays, we will bring their children or friends and friends together to play with the playground, and sometimes often because we went together very happy, so ignore the security problems, leading to some dangerous events. In recent years, the security facilities on the safety of non-compliance or maintenance is not in place of mechanical equipment failure caused by security incidents often appear in the newspapers and online media, and as soon as the playground to play we can not care, to be taken for granted. Followed by Xiaobian to share three elements for you.

The first point, came to the sliding amusement equipment venue to play should pay attention to check whether it has a safety inspection qualified signs, do not have to play. It is important to note that the periodic inspection cycle of the sliding amusement equipment is one year, and the relevant quality supervision department is issued with a safety inspection mark for qualified equipment, which is affixed in the eye-catching place.

The second point, take the taxiing equipment should pay attention to carefully read the passenger notes, only clearly understand the relevant rules, and follow the prompts to pay attention to safety just fine.

Third, sitting on the taxiing equipment, do not just crazy, but also to fasten the seat belt, and check whether safe and reliable, mechanical operation should pay more attention, the seat belt is absolutely good and can not be solved.

Only to keep the above rules, and more to stay in mind, so do not have fun before, but also to protect their own safety.

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