What Are The Benefits Of Children Playing Naughty Fort

- Jul 12, 2017-

With the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards, parents of all aspects of the child's quality training is also more and more attention, and now children's naughty Fort Paradise more and more people welcome, and even the square, parks, supermarkets, shopping malls And so inside have set up a small children's playground, the children in the fun of playing inside, bustling.

  What are the benefits of children playing naughty fort?

  Because of the vestibular system in the human central nervous system, it has the function of detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and promoting other nervous system. So the vestibular system dysfunction, not only affect the child's balance and action response, but also reduce the learning ability. And often play naughty fort can help children vestibular system function to carry out.

  Play equipment generally contain indoor naughty fort, there are swings, slides and other children climbing pipeline equipment; shake the car; children turn the horse; inflatable Fort; hit the mouse machine; pound monkey; play duckling; electric horse; The These playground equipment can promote the development of a variety of children's nervous system, during which contains vestibular nervous system, motor system, tactile nervous system and so on.

   (1) Swing and acceleration activities. The activities of this equipment are swing slides, shaking machine, electric toys and so on. After the children can sit tight, they can ride the horse, take electric toys or slide small slide, by a large number of acceleration and sudden decline in the supply of vestibular system, so that the child's nerve access smoothly. 3 years old but also let him swing, slide and sit down and drop the train, so that they feel the speed increase or decrease, made infinite fun.

  (2) Rotating activities. Equipment has turned Ma, trajectory train and so on. Most of the children love people to rotate, but there are some children afraid of rotation, this is because his brain for the rotation can not be adapted to the results. So, with the fear of rotating children playing kindergarten slide, do not force them to play too fast to play the game, but should play the rotation of the larger curvature, slow rotation of the game, such as sitting trains small train, so that their vestibular system conditioning function The time gradually strengthened. Love to rotate the child, you can let them play these spin activities. As for the children who love the rotation, because their vestibular system on the impact of the input, the lack of response, so they can let the rapid rotation of things, so that the dull vestibular system to achieve more intense impact, and contribute to normalization The

  (3) anti-gravity and balance of activities. The equipment of this type of activities is climbing slide, inflatable fort, naughty fort equipment. Against the gravity, is the growth of animals on the earth one of the survival of nature. Infants and young children also need from a variety of game activities, learning to determine the relationship between the ground and the ground, to establish a sense of balance, and the formation of visual space concept.

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