What Are The Classification Of Children's Paradise?

- Jul 12, 2017-

Now the children's naughty Fort Paradise has become the mainstream of the development of today's paradise market, more and more investors began to join in this new market, then, many investors to join the children's paradise have such a question, children's paradise in the end there What type of? Is not really suitable for everyone to invest?

In recent years, the domestic children's entertainment market has emerged a new children's play program. Some of which represent the leading level of the world's children's amusement market. We have made a basic classification of these children's amusement parks. There are types of entertaining, role-playing types, popular science, pure entertainment and early education.

The first type: entertaining type

The concept of entertaining is a new type of children's play concept, meaning to let the children happy to learn. Design some special game items, so that children in the game at the same time from the game to get happiness and knowledge. At the same time, entertaining center of the instructor, to be good at combining the specific game to guide children's divergent thinking mode, to achieve the purpose of entertaining. This type of children engaged in the center of the music needs of the area is generally about 1000 square meters, suitable for children under the age of 10, the building structure of the load and space height is no special requirements. The main content of the game mainly to the safety of the highly participatory game project, most of the physical type of intellectual game. Combined with the concept of the Children's Area of the Science Museum, supplemented by the content of pre-school education. The concept of entertaining, it is suitable for children of this age group.

The second type: role-playing type

Role-playing children's projects can also be different for different age levels have different characteristics, in general, is to develop each game project has a certain relevance, for different age groups of children's psychological characteristics, developed the corresponding The game has an associated educational significance. The integration of the educational concept of modern education, such as: children's workplace experience park or called the city, in a particular environment, children can experience some of the adult workplace rules of the game, from which to have fun and learn knowledge; Fairy tale experience the park, is to reproduce the fairy tale scene, the children in this particular scene plays the role of fairy tale.

The third type: popular science

Popular science projects are mainly for the school age children, equipment and facilities of the main types of science, science class. In the popular science equipment and facilities to increase the interaction and participation, the game will be incorporated into the scientific principles, to enhance the children's interest in science. This type of project requires an area of about 1000-2000 square meters, usually set in the distance from the residential area closer to the supermarket, or the city center of the public park.

The fourth type: pure entertainment type

This type of project is mostly composed of some small and medium-sized security of the amusement equipment project and children's play equipment. Depending on the age level, there are different types of equipment for different levels of age. According to the age of children can be divided into two forms. First, the children's play center, for children under the age of 10. Equipment selection is mostly non-mechanized soft surface of the recreational items. For example: the traditional naughty fort, Second, the children's recreation center, suitable for children between the ages of 6-14 years old. According to the equipment placed on the load and height of the building have certain requirements, the basic height between 7-10 meters appropriate. Place small motorized amusement equipment, as well as participatory game items. Can design a specific theme, and with the theme of the development of peripheral products, according to the timetable activities and performances, there is sufficient participation.

The fifth type: early education type

Early education is an emerging type of education in the children's market. It does not belong to the educational type regulated by the Education Bureau. Is a new business model of business in the commercial market. Features are: for the development of young children, there is no large teaching equipment, facilities, the main profit points are unique early childhood education courses. The main features of the course is also the combination of game development intelligence, to a large extent to cater to the parents of interest. Examples are: sense of education, Montessori early education, creative baby, gold baby early childhood education center.

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