What Kind Of Children To Expand Equipment Is Better

- Jul 12, 2017-

Good children to expand the equipment should have the following characteristics:

The first point: the expansion of equipment to all removable, removable, no field welding, steel frame full flange connection, with inclined ladder, the device in a satisfactory overall strength, no significant swing, permanent deformation and Damage to the appearance of the project with the use of wire rope full selection of polypropylene outer wire rope, the rope with the safety strength of the rope also has the safety of the protection device specifications, the selection of the world's most advanced wire rope metal connection technology convergence; all equipment are pure mechanical operation , No water and electricity support.

Second, the security system, to expand the equipment to use the track system for recreational personnel to carry out circular safety protection, the project can be operated in a row, without one-on-one equipped with security personnel, equipment can be more people together to maximize the satisfaction of entertainment needs The

The third point: equipped with safety equipment, safe equipped with outdoor mountain climbing professional equipment, each set of security equipment includes: a body seat belt, active steel lock 1, a regulation rope, helmet 1, adapter 1.

The fourth point: the scene with qualified security personnel trained.

Fifth point: the scene with a commercial security liability insurance.

This is a new, specifically designed for young people, to break the form of conventional children's play devices, to sports, explore, challenge, experience, growth as the theme of the integration of high gameplay and the nature of teaching children to expand equipment.

The nature of children explore the music equipment is designed for young children aged 3-15, for young people to provide a common growth experience, to exercise, explore, challenge, experience, growth as the core, blend the world swept the world movement, broaden the practice, Teaching, training, entertainment, teaching perfect contact, to promote the young children's physical fitness, intelligence, physical education, physical education, physical training, physical training, physical training, physical training, physical training, EQ development, and bring the children the most abundant, the most diversified adventure adventure experience.

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