2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set

2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. 2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set Generial description: 1 Name: 2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set 2 Material: Import LLDPE, Cedar wood 3 Player...

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Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd.

2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set

Generial description:

1 Name: 2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set

2 Material: Import LLDPE, Cedar wood

3 Player Age: 2-14 Years old.

4 Easily Assembled, Eco-Friendly, Rot-Proof, Waterproof, Safety, Non-toxic.

5 We have professional designers who can design according to customers' requirements.

6 Usage: Preschool. Kindergarten, indoor playground, school, shopping mall etc

7 Install instructions are available.


Q: can you design the outdoor sports facilities?

A: Yes. We have a design department. If you can provide us with the size of your area,

Our designer can design according to your regional size and your special requirements. Or you can choose the popular style from our catalog service.

Q: how to maintain and clean outdoor playground equipment?

A: no need to maintain, because our raw materials are galvanized pipe and LLDPE plastic, it is anti ultraviolet, high strength, smooth surface, and has good safety and environmental friendliness, can be used well in the sun or rain.

Q: how long is the warranty period for outdoor sports facilities?

A: Warranty time: 12 months. The condition of warrant for warrants is shown below.

If the quality problems (such as human and abnormal use) occur during the warranty period, such as cracks, discoloration and iron loss of plastic parts, the buyer shall notify the seller within 14 days after the quality problem is found. The buyer shall provide the same quality and new accessories free of charge within 30 days.

Q: do you have a certificate of outdoor playground equipment?

A: Yes, we have CE, TUV, GS, and ISO certificates.

Q: can we install outdoor playground equipment ourselves?

A: Yes, many customers install it by themselves. We will provide professional detailed installation and paste labels and photos.


2017 Latest Competitive Price Kindergarten    Outside Play Set Wooden Outdoor Play Set



Price    Terms

EXW    Factory / FOB Ningbo /CIF


T/T,    30% in advance. Balance before shipment.

Applied    Range:

Kindergartens,    residential area, super market, mall, amusement parks and other indoor and    outdoor places.

Kids    Capacity:




Design    ability

With    strong team support of 15 members of professional designers. We can design    any customized outdoor playground, indoor playground, children swing,    climbing wall according to your requirement.

Warranty    Time:

1 Year

Installation    Support

There    will be always a print-out ground plan and installation instructions in    English-Chinese along with every time delivery


ISO9001:2008,GB/T28001-2001,ISO14001:2004 ,CE,    SGS

Contact Information

As a leading company in Playground Equipment Field, we never compare too much price with competitors. We would only compare more of quality and after service !

Please Always Feel free to call me: 86-577-67162756 /86-13777762616

Official Website: http://www.hxtoy.cc

If you are interested in our kindergarten play set, kindergarten wooden play set, kindergarten outdoor play set, kindergarten outside play set, kindergarten wooden outdoor play set, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Looking forward to cooperating with you soon.

A few decades ago, most parents could send their children outdoors, along the street to the local playground; for most people, they were a lifeguard, because they could do the time to clean, cook, organize or engage in adult conversations with their spouses or neighbors. Or. Children can be around the outdoors, swing on the swing, play baseball or football, or just hang around in the shade, chat with friends, exchange baseball cards, or play dolls and other outdoor games. People have a sense of community. Everyone knows everyone nearby. Unfortunately, the small towns and communities displayed on PBS are either "Arthur" or rare.

Most urban communities are busy in after-school and extracurricular activities, such as ballet, football, or swimming, which are the focus of a talented child. When they apply to a prestigious middle school or high school, they will eventually score. Most communities have more and more apartments than scattered backyards, and for the suburbs, communities are not as cohesive as they can, because most people live. Finally, playing on the outdoor playground requires one or more parents to watch, and parents are busy scheduling.

As communities grew at 60 and 70, outdoor game collections began to appear in backyards across the United States. Because of the prosperity of the suburbs, there is no local playground or outdoor playground at the beginning, which is not only a chance for children to gather in each other's home, but also a good opportunity for parents to understand each other.  Other. For families with newborns and school-age children, these are useful tools for mothers who stay at home. They can let children aged 7 or 8 go out in the backyard, and the baby can stay indoors safely.

Because parents are very environmentally friendly to children, the best combination is an outdoor game set, a durable and environmentally friendly slide made of wood and a coating on the swing. Finally, as more and more families have more than one child, it can also be a good means, and parents have an outdoor game set and everything that every child enjoys.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, children play and play on an outdoor wooden game machine, which is no doubt the only way to light your home's laughter and happiness. Having fun at home is the best investment anyone can make. Every family has a different toy, and every family has children. However, children's playing time should not be confined to indoor activities. If you have enough space in the backyard, you can use a wooden swing and other types of toys to expand your children's outdoor activities.

Every child is attracted to the swing by magic. Swing represents an opportunity to entertain and make new friends. There are different varieties of swings, from ordinary metals and hard plastics to wooden ones. There are large combinations of different styles in a single unit or two decks. When planning a backyard playground, think of a wooden swing suit. They not only provide great outdoor fun, but are also safer than metals. Besides the swing suit, there are various game machines in the toy market. Some common examples include:

A wooden climbing step that provides good exercise.


A rope climber.

Rock wall.

The most popular slide.


The playlist is virtually endless.

Safety in entertainment should be a major consideration. Before buying beautiful outdoor wooden game consoles, consider the following important factors:

The outdoor wooden game machine is made of wood, so a stable wood is used to avoid accidents. Hardwood is more expensive than cork, because it can withstand outdoor elements and last longer, which has always been the best choice.

Remember, buying cheap wooden game machines may not be the best choice. Your child's safety should be your biggest concern. You don't want to compromise for a few dollars. We must carefully evaluate the safety performance of this set before buying.

There are different types of necessary accessories for wooden games. Some even provide additional accessories, such as monkey bars, tire swings and rope ladders. Make sure that all the necessary accessories are included in your single purchase to avoid spending more on accessories.

As children grow, the types of wooden game items change over time. You need to keep up with children's age related game sets.

There are many places where you can buy toy wooden toy stores from popular shopping malls, and online shops specializing in wooden game machines on other types of toys. However, if you have some basic woodworking skills and some extra time, you can easily create your own swings or other wooden games in the backyard to use your own hands-on toolkits, wood and tools. Make sure your child is safe.

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