2017 New Design High Quality Kids Outdoor Plastic Garden Playground Equipment Pirate Boat In Sand Corner

2017 New Design High Quality Kids Outdoor Plastic Garden Playground Equipment Pirate Boat In Sand Corner

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. 2017 New Design High Quality Kids Outdoor Plastic Garden Playground Equipment Pirate Boat in Sand Corner Our strength: 1. Competitive price with CE and ISO approved 2. Quick response and delivery on time 3. Good communication skills 4. Small...

Product Details

2017 New Design High Quality Kids Outdoor Plastic Garden Playground Equipment Pirate Boat in Sand Corner

Product Information 

1. Product Name: 2017 New Design High Quality Kids Outdoor Plastic Garden Playground Equipment Pirate Boat in Sand Corner

2. Item Number:  HX2401I

3. Specification: 510*443*300cm  Platform Width: 92.5cm

4. Package: Standard export package

5. Package Volume: 5.5CBM

6. Certificates: ISO9001, EN1176, CE, SGS

7. Player Age: 3-12 years

8. Material:

1)Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE

2)Metals: Galvanized steel

3)Screws: 304 stainless

9. Packing:

Wood and Plastic: Bubble bag inside and PP film outside,

Metal: Cotton inside and PP film outside.

10. Applied for: Pre-school,amusement park,garden,shopping mall,public,restaurant, etc.

11. Function: Stimulated children's curiosity,exploring desire,and advanced their team work and adventurous spirit and their abilities of cognition,judgement and problem-sloving during play.

12. Payment item: 30% T/T prepaid and balance before shipment,  L/C

13. Delivery time: 7-10 days after receipt of deposit

14. Warranty: 1 year

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As a leading company in Playground Equipment Field, we never compare too much price with competitors. We would only compare more of quality and after service !

Please Always Feel free to call me: 86-577-67162756 /86-13777762616

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There are three things to have in the preschool amusement park:

School administrators and public park officials may also want to provide age - appropriate features to stimulate creativity, friendship and educational growth, as well as in smaller game site equipment. How can you use several slides, a swing suit and several other sports fields? Here are three things that all preschool playgrounds should have.

1. Sandbox: if there's one thing kids like, it's playing in the sand. Preschool children can use shovels, shovels and a series of different toys to feel themselves as masters of the universe in the playground sandbox. This is not only to make children happy with their friends, but also to encourage children to think creatively and build skyscrapers or castles with piles of sand. Whether you just want to have a small sandbox in the corner of the game area, or cover a bigger playground with sand - it's also a good safety feature - that is what preschoolers have to have.

2. Ford: when you describe the school playground, tire swaying and seesaw may appear in your mind. All game areas should provide a feature of a variety of forts, game rooms, or similar four wall structures.  These characteristics are important because they can be used in various ways and are entirely children's imagination. For example, a simple wooden structure with a roof can easily transform into a medieval castle, a doctor's office or a ghost cave.

Three. Swing: strengthening friendship and social skills is the main function of preschool playground, which is why the swing is so important.  It's not just a way to make children feel like they're flying, but another child's action on the swing helps to encourage teamwork and coordination.  Preschoolers can also learn to trust and rely on friends, and to take care of them by swaying with their partners. It can also be said that other sports facilities, such as seesaw or tire swing, achieve the same benefits as playing.

A simple game played by preschoolers on the playground:

So, what can you do to encourage children to play on the school playground? You may want to consider organizing some interesting and simple games for students.

Frozen label: the label is a classic game, children young and old people can enjoy, frozen labels take this classic concept, and throw it in a slight twist. A child begins as a seeker or "it" and must mark as many other children as possible so that new members can come to his or her team.  However, the difference between frozen labels is how children actually get caught. Once children are labelled, they will not go out automatically. Children must freeze in situ and count up to 10. Other unmarked children have the opportunity to freeze these players by tagging them.

My spy: this simple game is a great way to teach children how to observe the surrounding environment. A player begins to choose a object in the line of sight as a secret item. Once this is selected, the player recites, "I spy with my little eyes..." Then insert the hidden object's color or fuzzy description. Other children can circle around and guess what the project may be in turn. You can also set a limit on how many erroneous guesses that other players can make before the first player wins.

Telephone: a simple game, there will be a lot of laughter, preschool children playing on the playground, considering a good old-fashioned telephone game. Let the children start playing a row or horseshoe shape on the court. The first child in the sequence then comes up with a short phrase and whisk it to the ear of the person next to him. Then each child whispers into the next person's ear until it goes off the line. The last player shouted out the phrase, and the first player compared it to the original one. Usually, the final result is a funny change in the beginning of a simple sentence.

Three tips for developing a safe playground for preschool children:

If you want to create playgrounds for kindergartens and preschool children, safety will be a priority. Small children slip easily, which means that there is a need for supervised and durable playground equipment. However, if you are used to supervising the older children who need less attention, this may change you. Here are some hints for playground designed for preschool children and how to improve safety.

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