Children Garden Plastic Playground Equipment

Children Garden Plastic Playground Equipment

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Children Garden Plastic Playground Equipment Product Description 1. Component Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on. 2. Materials 1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall thickness...

Product Details

Children Garden Plastic Playground Equipment

Children Garden Plastic Playground Equipment

Product Description

1. Component

Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on.

2. Materials

1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall thickness of 2.2 mm

2) Platform: 2.2 mm-thick cold-roll steel sheet, with bores of 6 mm in diameter. Conforming to the European standards of EN1176

3) Iron part: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 60 mm, 48mm, 38mm, 32mm, 28mm, wall thickness of 2.5 mm

4) Plastic parts: rotational moulding of LLDPE, the exclusive material for rotational moulding imported from the South Korea. 

5) Ropes and nets: imported sailing ropes, which is 14 mm or 16 mm in diameter. The knots are mated with round aluminium alloy fasteners

3. Production Technology: rotational moulding.

4. Quality certifications: EN1176 / ISO9001 / DNV / IAAPA / CTA etc.

5. Suit for: Playground, gymnasium, stores, parks, gardens, villas, schools, kindergarten, community, restaurants, etc.

6. The decks can use two kinds of material: 1) static spray ,2)surface coated polyurethane

Our strength:

1. Competitive price with CE and ISO approved

2. Quick response and delivery on time

3. Good communication skills

4. We have professional designers who can design according to customers' requirements

5. It can develop kids brain & kids physical strength.

6. Good for improving children's energy and imagination, and can Satisfy kids' metal needs of surpassing, exciting and exploring,  Helping them grow up happily, cleverly and healthily.  Different colors and shapes are available.  We can design diversified styles according to Clients' requirement and have various colors for selection.

7. Let your kids enjoy fun and interesting childhood.


Children Garden Plastic Playground Equipment



Price Terms

EXW Factory / FOB Ningbo /CIF


T/T, 30% in advance. Balance before shipment.

Applied Range:

Kindergartens, residential area, super market, mall, amusement parks and other indoor and outdoor places.



Design ability

With strong team support of 15 members of professional designers. We can design any customized outdoor playground, indoor playground, children swing, climbing wall according to your requirement.

Warranty Time:

1 Year

Installation Support

There will be always a print-out ground plan and installation instructions in English-Chinese along with every time delivery


ISO9001: 2008, GB/T28001-2001, ISO14001: 2004, CE, SGS


Tel: 86-577-67162756

Mob/WhatsApp: 86-13777762616



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If you are interested in our children garden playground, children garden plastic playground, kids garden playground, kids garden plastic playground, kids garden plastic playground equipment, children garden plastic playground equipment, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Games are very important for children's development, but sometimes it is a difficult way to provide children with the funds needed to help them grow and learn. Following these simple steps will not only allow you to buy a new playground unit or replace the existing unit, it is also a good way to let your community participate in it.

Whether you are interested in building a new commercial playground or refurbishing an existing playground in your community, you need funds to help you achieve your goals. Here are some simple ideas that anyone can use to collect the necessary funds to create a viable field for everyone.

A part of the playground: having a sketch or plan, your potential game area layout will help your fundraising work. It can be used as a great marketing tool. Showing it to a sponsor and posting it on the message board will produce a visual reminder. List the main parts of the playground unit. Set the price for each component and decompose a component's fundraising efforts at a time. Take your sketches or drawings to local business and community service organizations and ask them to adopt a part of the playground. You must develop a way for donors, whether on a separate brand or on each "accepted" unit.

Personalized sidewalk bricks: parents like to put children's names on permanent objects. If you plan to set up a brick sidewalk on your new playground, a fundraiser sells the bricks to parents, grandparents, guardians and family members. When you price bricks, you must consider the cost of laying them, and you should also engrave every block. This is not only a good way to raise money, but also to make your playground more personalized.

Coin / coin drive: coin drive is a collection of coins from your community, community or school to help raise funds for your new playground. Provide a central location for those who put coins, or raise funds for schools, and place large cans or kettles in each classroom. Be sure to declare your coin drive in any way, you can watch the changes roll in!

Lucky draw: raffle is a simple idea that anyone can use, regardless of past fundraising experience. Simply find a reward for your audience, then buy some raffle tickets, and individuals can buy the chance to win. The price of the ticket is low to encourage more people to participate in the activities.

Hold a competition: for some good competition, consider organizing a competition in your community to raise funds and make people feel excited about your career. Some of the competitions you may have to consider are baking, beauty pageant and coloring competitions to attract young people. A small entrance fee can attract your attention to achieve your goal of raising funds.

Asking for donations: whether you choose to create a lottery or hold a competition, make sure your community knows that you accept donations for your cause. Any change you can get will have a long way to go.

The children are very excited about the new playground in schools, communities or communities. The more they talk about the new playground, the more helpful your fundraising job will be. Most importantly, once you have set up fundraising work, don't be afraid to ask for help.  Whatever you choose to raise money, remember to invite your local newspaper or news channel. A small news report will be a long process.

Once your funds are in place, it's time to start budgeting. Having a budget in place will help you prepare any unexpected fees and provide a clear picture item. To create your playground budget, it is important to collect all financial statements, record revenue sources, create an estimated expenditure list and document revenue forecasts. It seems an arduous task to build a new playground project budget, but if you think carefully, you can prepare for any financial accident that may occur along the way. It is important to remember that playground equipment is not the only plan you need to spend in your budget. According to your specific needs, you should also consider these additional costs:

Surfacing - there are several types of surfacing options, many of which may require leveling, drainage of playground sites, a means of containment and a considerable amount of material.

Shipping - most playground systems are very heavy, so you need to consider shipping, unloading components, and any package removal or disposal.

Site preparation - many states, counties and cities need to purchase a building permit when installing a new playground.

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