Children Outside Backyard Plastic Playground

Children Outside Backyard Plastic Playground

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Children Outside Backyard Plastic Playground Product Description 1. Component Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on. 2. Materials 1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall thickness...

Product Details

Children Outside Backyard Plastic Playground

Children Outside Backyard Plastic Playground

Product Description

1. Component

Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on.

2. Materials

1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall thickness of 2.2 mm

2) Platform: 2.2 mm-thick cold-roll steel sheet, with bores of 6 mm in diameter. Conforming to the European standards of EN1176

3) Iron part: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 60 mm, 48mm, 38mm, 32mm, 28mm, wall thickness of 2.5 mm

4) Fittings: high strength aluminium alloy by one-time cast forming. After the slinging processing, all the corners are round and smooth. All screws, with cup heads or T heads, are made of stainless steel 316

5) Plastic parts: rotational moulding of LLDPE, the exclusive material for rotational moulding imported from the South Korea. With a wall thickness of above 6 mm, the plastic parts of bright color own anti-ultraviolet property of grade 8, which conforms to the standards of food in Australia. Safe and eco-friendly, the plastic parts put on an excellent performance in weather fastness, toughness, intensity, ageing resistance. In bright color and beautiful appearance, they are colourfast and durable in use.

6) Ropes and nets: imported sailing ropes, which is 14 mm or 16 mm in diameter. The knots are mated with round aluminium alloy fasteners

3. Production Technology: rotational moulding.

4. Quality certifications: EN1176 / ISO9001 / DNV / IAAPA / CTA etc.

5. Suit for: Playground, gymnasium, stores, parks, gardens, villas, schools, kindergarten, community, restaurants, etc.

6. The decks can use two kinds of material: 1) static spray ,2)surface coated polyurethane


Children Outside Backyard Plastic Playground



Price Terms

EXW Factory / FOB Ningbo /CIF


T/T, 30% in advance. Balance before shipment.

Applied Range:

Kindergartens, residential area, super market, mall, amusement parks and other indoor and outdoor places.



Design ability

With strong team support of 15 members of professional designers. We can design any customized outdoor playground, indoor playground, children swing, climbing wall according to your requirement.

Warranty Time:

1 Year

Installation Support

There will be always a print-out ground plan and installation instructions in English-Chinese along with every time delivery


ISO9001: 2008, GB/T28001-2001, ISO14001: 2004, CE, SGS

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There is a long series of entertainment areas when you have a family entertainment. However, there are few places to be mentioned. The following are the 3 best entertainments I've found.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of art is the focus of creative works published and published one hundred years ago. If your children are attracted by historical works, Metropolitan Museum of Art will be the best place to visit in the coming holidays.

Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in New York. It is the largest handicraft producing area in the United States and one of the ten greatest producing places in the world. Its invariable collection contains more than two million artifacts and is displayed in seventeen curator buildings. The main building at the eastern edge of Manhattan Museum Road has one of the greatest exhibitions in the world every year.

There are Egyptian, European, Greek, Rome and Islamic relics in the museum. In addition, the museum also collects collections of Robert Lehman, medieval art works, musical instruments, nolun library and Thomas J. Watson library. Museums provide great opportunities for children's edification.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Children will be restless by formal commercial playground equipment. If your child no longer finds amusement in a community playground, you can take them to a theme park for a change. I think of many parks, but I remember clearly the charm of Bush garden, Tampa Bay. It is one of the treasures of Tampa.

The park was formerly known as the Bush garden in Africa. This is an African theme park, providing the ultimate entertainment of incredible swings and riding. The real highlight of the entertainment centre is the nineteenth Century Africa themed animal entertainment facility. The playground includes one of the most daring amusement facilities and entertainment opportunities in the world. It can help your children enjoy African cultural parks and have a unique experience. Parks can be a great way to challenge your children's confidence.

Sea World San Diego

What could be more exciting than performing an incredible trick in a pool in a 31 foot marine life? The sea world, Santiago is a fascinating place, which is cherished by adults and young people. Here's a little bit of people who don't know about the ocean world. The ocean world, Santiago is located in the heart of California, and the ocean world is the entertainment property of the ocean world, in addition to controlling different other similar parks and recreational properties throughout the United States.

It is an entity authorized by the zoo and the Aquarium Association (AZA). Adjacent to the property is the Institute of oceanographic world, which provides enlightening information about marine life. The "ocean world" was opened by four graduates of University of California in late 1964. The idea is to make the seafood restaurants fail to attract enough attention from investors. In the early days, the ocean world was a marine zoo along the coast of the Mission Bay in Santiago. Today, the ocean world provides many activities and exhibitions, including exhibitions and experts and stunt masters.

The ocean world provides excitement and excitement without outdoor playground equipment.

The following information should be used as a guide to minimize injuries associated with sports facilities. However, it is believed that these suggestions and technical information of ASTM standard public entertainment venues will contribute to greater playground safety.

What is a public amusement park?

The public amusement park refers to a public playground used among children in commercial children's facilities, institutions, family homes, parks, restaurants, resorts and schools for 6 months to 12 years.

The information in this article:

General amusement park safety considerations

Playground material and surfacing

Identification of the hazards and preventive measures of a specific sports field

Appropriate steps to maintain the playground and its equipment

Use platforms, guardrails and protective barriers to reduce accidental falls.

In your playground layout, you should remember 7 key factors:

Accessibility: surface materials need to allow disabled children to use equipment.

Age segregation: regions of different age groups should be separated by buffer. This area will reduce children's chances of injury at different levels of activity.

Age group: sports venues of different age groups are different. The safety requirements of each age group are different. Pay attention to age groups that use game sites and purchase accordingly.

Conflicting activities: the playground should be organized to prevent injury to overlapping activities. We must put the swing and the merry go round in the corner, side or side of the game area. Slides should not be placed in crowded areas.

Line of sight: we should minimize visual impairment, so that caregivers, parents or supervisors can track children's use of playground. The structure outside the bench allows the spectator to sit and watch the children.

Signs and / or labels: signs should be provided to provide users with guidance on how to age the equipment and how to use the equipment properly.

Supervision: ensure that the supervisor knows the basic safety policy of the equipment.

When choosing a playground, there are several factors that are important:

Amusement park's swimming mode: is there any danger on the road? If that's the case, clear the danger.

Nearby barrier free dangers (traffic, water bodies, steep hills, etc.): will children accidentally or deliberately enter nearby danger? If so, provide a way to accommodate children in the playground (fences, fences). Pay attention to fences or fences and allow supervisors to observe them.

Sun exposure: does the sun have enough heat to heat metal parts, sliders, platforms, steps, or surfaces that are enough to burn children? Will users be exposed to the strongest part of the day in the sun? If so, consider positioning it, so bare metal is covered. The warning equipment will be heated in the sun. A sunshade structure is considered to cover the playground.

Slope and drainage: will loose filler materials be washed away in the rain? If so, consider proper drainage to prevent flushing.

When you install the playground, use the equipment and hardware approved by the manufacturer. Strictly comply with instructions or hire amusement park installation procedures. Remember to keep all the materials, and begin to check all inspection and maintenance in detail. Check the equipment thoroughly before use, including hardware.

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