Children Plastic Play Equipment Outdoor Playground

Children Plastic Play Equipment Outdoor Playground

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Children Plastic Play Equipment Outdoor Playground Product Description 1. Component Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on. 2. Materials 1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall...

Product Details

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. 

Children Plastic Play Equipment Outdoor Playground

Children Plastic Play Equipment Outdoor Playground

Product Description

1. Component

Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on.

2. Materials

1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall thickness of 2.2 mm

2) Platform: 2.2 mm-thick cold-roll steel sheet, with bores of 6 mm in diameter. Conforming to the European standards of EN1176

3) Iron part: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 60 mm, 48mm, 38mm, 32mm, 28mm, wall thickness of 2.5 mm

4) Plastic parts: rotational moulding of LLDPE, the exclusive material for rotational moulding imported from the South Korea. 

5) Ropes and nets: imported sailing ropes, which is 14 mm or 16 mm in diameter. The knots are mated with round aluminium alloy fasteners

3. Production Technology: rotational moulding.

4. Quality certifications: EN1176 / ISO9001 / DNV / IAAPA / CTA etc.

5. Suit for: Playground, gymnasium, stores, parks, gardens, villas, schools, kindergarten, community, restaurants, etc.

6. The decks can use two kinds of material: 1) static spray, 2)surface coated polyurethane

Our strength:

1. Competitive price with CE and ISO approved

2. Quick response and delivery on time

3. Good communication skills

4. We have professional designers who can design according to customers' requirements

5. It can develop kids brain & kids physical strength.

6. Good for improving children's energy and imagination, and can Satisfy kids' metal needs of surpassing, exciting and exploring,  Helping them grow up happily, cleverly and healthily.  Different colors and shapes are available. We can design diversified styles according to Clients' requirement and have various colors for selection.

7. Let your kids enjoy fun and interesting childhood.


Children Plastic Play Equipment Outdoor Playground



Price Terms

EXW Factory / FOB Ningbo /CIF


T/T, 30% in advance. Balance before shipment.

Applied Range:

Kindergartens, residential area, super market, mall, amusement parks and other indoor and outdoor places.



Design ability

With strong team support of 15 members of professional designers. We can design any customized outdoor playground, indoor playground, children swing, climbing wall according to your requirement.

Warranty Time:

1 Year

Installation Support

There will be always a print-out ground plan and installation instructions in English-Chinese along with every time delivery


ISO9001:2008,GB/T28001-2001,ISO14001:2004 ,CE, SGS

Our main products:

Kindergarten and pre-school equipment, indoor playground equipment, outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness, water park equipment, amusement park electric toys and machines.

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As a leading company in Playground Equipment Field, we never compare too much price with competitors. We would only compare more of quality and after service !

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If you are interested in our children outdoor playground, kids outdoor playground, children play equipment, kids plastic play equipment, children plastic play equipment, children plastic play equipment outdoor playground, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

In the modern world, outdoor toys are very important. Children are glued to TV or computer games, resulting in inaction and obesity. There are a variety of outdoor toys on the market, specifically designed to keep children entertaining and busy. Both simple and cheap toys are expensive and can be chosen according to demand, space and budget.

Children's outdoor toys are especially useful, especially at parties and family gatherings. They can be placed in the front yard as a good and constructive supplement, and children can do sports during the day.

How do outdoor toys help children

The joy of fresh air helps to shape happy and healthy children. These toys also serve as educational tools, because children learn a lot from them.  There are all kinds of garden toys on the market, which can help children enjoy themselves or enjoy with friends. These toys often bring a brand new world to children and broaden their vision of imagination. Research has also shown that physical activity contributes to sharpening of brain cells.

Toys that stimulate children to go out for sports help to improve their gross and fine motor skills. These also help to develop self-confidence and independence. Outdoor sports should be given priority at a very early age. This will help solve the problem of obesity in the modern world.

When choosing outdoor game equipment, the most important thing is children's safety. There are many toys on line and offline, but check their safety before buying.

Toy labels should be carefully observed to check all information and other details related to manufacturing. You should see that toys are made from safe and child friendly materials and should ensure that these toys do not have any toxic paint.

When choosing toys, it is best to consider children's choices because they refuse to play with toys they don't like. When buying outdoor toys, you should also consider children's age.

Swings, wooden climbing frames, trampoline, game pools, bunkers, saws and others are some popular outdoor toys. Trampoline is an exciting option for children to jump up and down in trampoline, laughing and screaming. However, parental supervision is necessary if children are not injured. Swing is another important outdoor popular toy.

Some swings have ladder and adjustable seats designed to accommodate children's friends. Some new outdoor toys are skillfully designed for many uses, portability and huge storage options.

Games are the constructive learning process to ensure the all-round development of children. Giving full play to the vitality of children can ensure the healthy growth and growth of children. The most important aspect is to ensure that children's safety and supervision are really necessary, while children play outdoors. When you plan the outdoor game area, try to provide all kinds of game devices to it. Investment in outdoor toys can be seen as a sensible investment in children's health and health.

There are different types of outdoor toys for children, making them entertaining and busy, especially at parties and family gatherings. Some of these outdoor toys are simple and cheap while others are large and expensive. Each of them has its own purpose. You can buy it according to your budget. This is a good supplement to the front yard, and children can spend the weekend on weekends or during the day. You can also play with them and spend some time with them.

The God of fire swings the swing

Swing is one of the children's favorite outdoor toys. Designed for children, these swings are properly installed so that they are safe. The swing of the fire god is a more interesting swing, which allows children to become addicted to them for a long time. They are not basic swings, but are equipped with many other components, including wave slides, 2 gliders, monkey poles and firemen poles. They also have a ladder. Children can use 12 to 45 kilograms of swings and use a tap attachment to design a water skiing board to keep children warm during summer vacation. These swings also have adjustable seats, and they can accommodate the children's friends, let them develop coordination and physical strength, and most importantly, drag them out of the room and video games to breathe fresh air. Jupiter's swing setting is another double swing, which will stimulate children's imagination and encourage them to spend the night outdoors, which is good for their health.

J Bash Buckler

These multi-functional children's outdoor toys are ideal for small courtyards. This nautical theme outdoor entertainment equipment is a multi-functional project to provide an active and healthy playing time for children. It is a climbing framework made of high quality materials for children to exercise properly. Boat structure can stimulate children's imagination, they can run. Fabric rain proof roofs ensure that children can play here, even in drizzle or rain. With 6 feet of wave gliding over, the children could splash on the muddy grass. There are bunkers and other decks, letting children play pirates and many other adventures. For a relaxing night, children can swing on swings. As long as you have a device, you can provide your children with a wide range of entertainment facilities that are conducive to their health and keep them active and engaged.


In many playgrounds, these children's outdoor toys are very suitable for children to skip on trampoline, even if they want to jump higher and higher in trampoline. This activity is also conducive to their growth. These can be customized to accommodate younger children, so they will not hurt themselves and jump on trampoline.

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