Kindergarten Children Outdoor Plastic Playground

Kindergarten Children Outdoor Plastic Playground

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Kindergarten Children Outdoor Plastic Playground Product Description 1. Component Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on. 2. Materials 1) Upright column: galvanised steel pipe with diameter of 114 mm, wall...

Product Details

Kindergarten Children Outdoor Plastic Playground

Kindergarten Children Outdoor Plastic Playground

Product Information

1. Name: Kindergarten Children Outdoor Plastic Playground

2. Model: HX2201S

3. Size: 670*500*400cm

4. Component: Slides, tube slides, roofs, decks, panels, column, ladders and so on.

5. Materials

1) vertical column: galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 114 mm, with a wall thickness of 2.2 mm

2) platform: 2.2 mm thick cold-rolled steel plate with a diameter of 6 mm. European standards that conform to En1176

3) iron castings: galvanized steel tubes with diameters of 60 mm, 48 mm, 38 mm, 32 mm, 28 mm, and wall thickness 2.5 mm.

4) accessories: high strength aluminum alloy for one-off casting. After tilting, all rounded corners are smooth. All screws, with cups or T heads, are made of stainless steel 316.

5) plastic parts: rotary molding of LLDPE

6) ropes and nets: imported canvas ropes with diameters of 14 mm or 16 mm. The knob is used in conjunction with the round aluminium alloy fastener.

6. Production Technology: rotational moulding.

7. Certifications: EN1176 / ISO9001 / CE/ SGS

8. Applied for: Kindergarten, preschool, amusement park, playground, square, etc

9. With strong team support of 15 members of professional designers. We can design any customized outdoor playground, indoor playground, children swing, climbing wall according to your requirement.

10. There will be always a print-out ground plan and installation instructions in English-Chinese along with every time delivery.

11. Package: standard export package

12. Price Term: ex-work/ FOB Ningbo/ CIF

13. Payment term: 30% T/T prepaid, and the balance before shipment

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If you are interested in our kindergarten outdoor playground, kindergarten plastic outdoor playground, kindergarten kids outdoor playground, kindergarten children outdoor playground, kindergarten kids plastic outdoor playground, kindergarten children plastic outdoor playground, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Playground is one of the basic basic needs of today's children. Children must play outdoors every day in order to help them keep healthy and fun, which gives them the greatest happiness and joy. The concept of the playground is from ancient times, where there are huge vacant sites for service. With the passage of time, the playground has gradually formed new shapes and standards, accompanied by modern sports facilities. In today's world, these are designed according to outdoor games. The playground equipment on the playground is built according to the rules followed in the game. For example, we can play tennis in a tennis court.  Few reasons can be used to play all kinds of games, such as football, where we can play rugby, or even completely different types of games, such as cricket, with the least necessary modification.

Every place must have a playground with some game structure, so that children in the neighborhood can play after class or on vacation. These extracurricular activities at the local level create a strong social network for children. Even schools must provide good game equipment, including indoor and outdoor sports venues, to meet different games. In addition, game equipment must be of excellent quality, enabling children to develop the best skills in games. These reasons must be established according to the needs of children.

The playground must comply with safety standards. The government must set up a committee to formulate guidelines for manufacturers of playground and playground equipment. Every playground must be built according to the rules formed, and more innovative methods must be developed. Enterprises should increase R & D investment, play a unique game structure, and make technology in a fast and desirable way. These efforts are ultimately reflected in children's comfort and equipment handling on the playground. Therefore, we must be very careful when making such equipment factories and developing facilities on the playground.

With saws, slides and other ancient playground equipment, we can see new projects, such as rope ball, basketball court and so on, which are included in the children's favorite venues. These activities help children develop good physical and mental conditions and keep them in a positive state.

Since computers and related technologies came out, our children seldom like what we call "going out". Why do they have fewer playgrounds and more digital games? Did you see your child lie down for hours in front of the TV? Can tablet computers really help your children learn new ways to kill a virtual monster? The uptrend of digital entertainment is a troublesome thing. We need to find a way to get our playground back until we lose our children to the digital monsters forever.

Where is the playground?

Do you know that nearly 32% of schools lack suitable age outdoor playground equipment? According to one study, most government schools lack functional amusement parks and medium school playground equipment. Generally speaking, schools lack proper game infrastructure, which is a key factor in children's physical and cognitive development.

According to Margaret Hodge, chairman of the public accounting Committee, "the Ministry of education does not know that the budget of the school playground is not enough." Moore, because of extreme competition, the pressure on schools has increased. Many schools are converting their playing space into classrooms to meet the growing demand for space.

Who is the culprit?

It is easy to blame the government on our responsibilities, but what about us? Do we make positive contributions to our children's development every day through positive activities? When was the last time you went to the nearest playground with your child? Many parents complain that "our playground is not clean enough. We can't simply let our children play dirty games". Why do we always wait for municipal services to respond to our complaints?

So when you pick up the phone again and report another complaint about accumulating dirt on the playground, do something for yourself.

What can we do?

"I can't build a playground. What should I do?" Start crying over what you can't do and start thinking about what you can do. If you think there is not enough playground in your area, use your backyard to create a structured and unstructured playground. A small business playground device can be easily installed in your backyard, so if you don't have a big house in a huge backyard, don't worry.

Another important thing you should do is to contact the children's school authorities and ask about game activities in schools. Ensure that your child enters a school and provides all the facilities for intelligence and physical development for your child. In addition, make sure that your child has enough time to play at home. The allowable rest time at school is usually not enough.

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