Garden Steel Fitness Equipment For Adults

Garden Steel Fitness Equipment For Adults

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Garden Steel Fitness Equipment for Adults Product Description FAQ: Q1: What is your MOQ? A1: Our MOQ is 1pc or 1 set per item no., total amount no less than US$5000/order. Q2: How about your price and how much discount I can get? A: Our price...

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Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd.

Garden Steel Fitness Equipment for Adults

Garden Steel Fitness Equipment for Adults

Product Description 

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Garden Steel Fitness Equipment for Adults

Item No.





2  year




CE, ISO9001, TUV


1.Develop the strength of upper limbs ,chest and the muscle groups of shoulder region and back.

2.Improving the flexibility,stablity of shoulder joints and elbows,good for healing the bending and stretching hindrances of shoulder joints and elbows,muscular atrophy,frozen    shoulder,tennis elbow,etc.


Bearing: HR bearing, axle: cold galvanization.

Dia of Main Pole: 140mm, 114mm, 103mm or customized

Thickness of Main Pole:  2.75-3 mm min l

Painting: Using the electrostatic powder coating production line to painting 

Package: PE+air coshion+nylon bag 

Screw and Nut: Stainless steel outside, and galvanized inside

Installation: by embedded part with cast iron cover


All the elements are anti-crack, anti-fide, anti-toxic, anti-UV resistance


T/T 30%deposit, the balance should be paid before shipment


Garden, Public park, amusement park, School etc


1 Set



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When people look at today's family fitness equipment, you can see many kinds of equipment and machines. Some large gymnasiums even have many equipment that they haven't seen or even heard. But having a lot of equipment does not necessarily mean producing the best results. In fact, people may notice that the members of large gymnasiums are exactly the same as those of small gymnasiums. How can this be possible? Of course, more equipment can be converted to better exercise, resulting in better results. This is not necessarily established on any occasion. If a person takes time to list the common equipment in a large gymnasium and a small gymnasium, he or she will get the following results and understand why these are the most important fitness equipment.

Dumbbell is one of the most common and important fitness equipment. In fact, this is the most practical and versatile way to get the best results.  Dumbbell or dumbbell can be used to exercise every muscle group (large or small). Dumbbell, a person can exercise the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. They are not only used for muscle building and regulation, but also for aerobic exercise. One may notice that he or she is more prone to fatigue, or when he swings a dumbbell rather than jumping or dancing, his heart beat faster. Without dumbbell, the gym can't be a gym.

The second most important and most important exercise equipment is benches. Benches are essential for a person to perform the most effective chest exercise. It is also used for exercise and may require a person to sit down or lie down in order to execute them correctly. Advanced abdominal exercises also need benches to achieve the best results. If there are no benches, there will be too many people standing up or lying on the floor doing awkward actions - not to mention the poor exercise of members.

The third most common and important body-building appliance is a pull rod. Nothing can support the back muscles better than a pull rod. It is not only better than the pulldown machine, but also costs far less than it. Bars are also used for advanced abdominal exercises, requiring personal suspension. No wonder every gym has at least one part of its equipment.

By using the fitness equipment, people can expect the same results when he or she either exercises in a huge expensive gymnasium or a small and cheap gym. In fact, a person can even own his or her own family gym and these important equipment, and still achieve good results. In the end, it is not the result of so many sports equipment. The way these devices are used determines the results people get.


You woke up excitedly this morning! You know you're ready. Your friend suggests that you buy a fitness machine. The first thing you need to do is buy your first treadmill. However, when you finally go to the equipment store, you will realize that there are many treadmills to choose from. Now you are confused and don't know what to choose. Don't worry. My friend will look at the important features of treadmill in this article.

How do you know what your specific needs and budgets are? Not only is the treadmill brand, but here is the characteristics of treadmills, when buying treadmills. When you know what to look for in the specifications (specifications) or characteristics of the treadmill, you will be able to save some dollars.

Motor. The top is the motor of the treadmill. Because the motor is the heart of your machine, it is important to ensure that the motor is good enough in terms of quality. Your machine must have a powerful motor of at least 1.5 horsepower, measuring the power of the motor. A powerful motor ensures that your machine will stand the test of time, because if it is not strong enough, it is easy to wear it, even if it is just in moderation. When observing motor and horsepower, there are two different ratings: (1) continuous load and (2) peak load. Continuous work is a stable and continuous twenty-four hour motor rating, and peak duty cycle is the maximum power potential, although this aspect can not be maintained. It is recommended that you choose at least 1.75 horsepower continuous working (CD) motors or higher. For runners or heavy treadmill users, it is recommended that you use at least 2.5 to 3 horsepower CD motors to avoid expensive treadmill repairs, so that the treadmill will burn quickly.

Frame. Aluminum or steel? These two frameworks have some advantages and disadvantages, depending on personal choice. Steel may increase stability and is heavier than aluminum, but unlike aluminum, it tends to corrode from sweat.

Belt. Never be less than 16 inches in the width of the belt. The average pedal width ranges from 17 inches to 20 inches, ranging from 51 inches to 61 inches. Make sure the belt is long enough to suit your pace.

Buffer. It has a lower effect on the joints and ligaments. This factor should be taken into account, because poor cushioning can lead to injury and muscle strain. Choose a quality buffer system to protect your joints in the long run.

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