Garden Steel Gym Equipment For Adults

Garden Steel Gym Equipment For Adults

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Garden Steel Gym Equipment for Adults Product Description FAQ 1.How can I start the order? Just contact us and send us the model No. Quotation will be sent with more details. 2.What's your delivery time? 7-10 days after confirmed the order...

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Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd.

Garden Steel Gym Equipment for Adults

Garden Steel Gym Equipment for Adults

Product Description   

Product Name

Garden Steel Gym Equipment for Adults

Item No.





2  year




CE, ISO9001, TUV


1.Develop the strength of upper limbs ,chest and the muscle groups of shoulder region and back.

2.Improving the flexibility,stablity of shoulder joints and elbows,good for healing the bending and stretching hindrances of shoulder joints and elbows,muscular atrophy,frozen    shoulder,tennis elbow,etc.


Bearing: HR bearing, axle: cold galvanization.

Dia of Main Pole: 140mm, 114mm, 103mm or customized

Thickness of Main Pole:  2.75-3 mm min l

Painting: Using the electrostatic powder coating production line to painting 

Package: PE+air coshion+nylon bag 

Screw and Nut: Stainless steel outside, and galvanized inside

Installation: by embedded part with cast iron cover


All the elements are anti-crack, anti-fide, anti-toxic, anti-UV resistance


T/T 30%deposit, the balance should be paid before shipment


Garden, Public park, amusement park, School etc


1 Set




1.How can I start the order?

Just contact us and send us the model No.

Quotation will be sent with more details.

2.What's your delivery time?

7-10 days after confirmed the order with deposit.

3.What is your terms of payment?

30% deposit in advance,balance before shipment.(The finished reference pictures will be sent if needed)

4.How to assembly the playground once we received it?

The manual will be provided.


Our Advantages

1. we do not produce the kids preschool furniture , but also can offer you the kids outdoor indoor playground toys and educational toys

2. we do not offer you the equipment , but we can also make the design for you according to your area dimensions

3. we can also arrange the shipping , arrange the container to your nearest sea port

4. 15 years experience , more professional and golden supplier in Guangzhou China

5. perfect after-sales service , we have professional engineer team and we can sent them to your country to guide the installation if you need

6. Top quality with CE , CCC,ISO ,TUV ,GS certificates


1.   The factory attracts customers from more than 120 countries. And customers purchase frequently and their business began flourishing since they placed orders with Haoxiang.
2. The factory provides high quality product, with reasonable price, humanity and attractive design which passed the tests and obtained certificates from international standard organizations.
3. It is a factory more than 30-years specialized in playground equipment and amusement park facilities, in the more than 30 years it is keeping improving and moving forward, now has been one of leading enterprises in entertainment and amusement industrials.
4. Successful cases from dozens of countries game cities.
5. Professional team offers technical support.
6. Professional all-around after-sale service.
7. All our products passed the international industrials necessary certificates.
8. Our technicians go to different countries to help customers solve problems of their game city.


Main products of our company: 

Outdoor series: Playground structure, swing, seesaw, spring rider, climbing frame, fitness equipment, park bench, artificial grass. 

Indoor series: Soft playground, slides, children's gym soft toys, seesaws and rocking horse, school furniture. 


Contact Information

Please Always Feel free to call me: 86-577-67162756 /86-13777762616
Official Website: 

If you are interested in our garden gym equipment, garden steel gym, garden steel gym equipment, garden metal gym, garden metal gym equipment, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.


Hello, welcome to the "5 Sports routines", the purpose of this article is to give beginners (or start) regular exercise some good choices, and then consider it.

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First of all, we will look at the boxing match, and now, before you shrink from the horror of this violent and challenging movement, please understand that I am not suggesting that you jump in the abyss of fighting and fighting.

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For me, the main advantage of regular running is outdoor sports. I watch myself progressively improve.

Outdoor activities are particularly beneficial, and if you live in a country or forest area, there is nothing like a quiet runway in a sunny day.

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