Steel Exercise Products For Adults

Steel Exercise Products For Adults

Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd. Steel Exercise Products for Adults Product Description FAQ: Q1. What's the MOQ? 100pcs. Q2. What's the production time for bulk order? Normally 1-3 weeks it depends on the quantity, usually our delivery time is very fast. Q3....

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Welcome to Wenzhou Hao Xiang Amusement Toys Co. Ltd.

Steel Exercise Products for Adults 

Steel Exercise Products for Adults

Product Description

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Steel Exercise Products for Adults

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2  year




CE, ISO9001, TUV


1.Develop the strength of upper limbs ,chest and the muscle groups of shoulder region and back.

2.Improving the flexibility,stablity of shoulder joints and elbows,good for healing the bending and stretching hindrances of shoulder joints and elbows,muscular atrophy,frozen    shoulder,tennis elbow,etc.


Bearing: HR bearing, axle: cold galvanization.

Dia of Main Pole: 140mm, 114mm, 103mm or customized

Thickness of Main Pole:  2.75-3 mm min l

Painting: Using the electrostatic powder coating production line to painting 

Package: PE+air coshion+nylon bag 

Screw and Nut: Stainless steel outside, and galvanized inside

Installation: by embedded part with cast iron cover


All the elements are anti-crack, anti-fide, anti-toxic, anti-UV resistance


T/T 30%deposit, the balance should be paid before shipment


Garden, Public park, amusement park, School etc


1 Set




Why Choose HAOXIANG?

1. Safe

The company has been developing and won great reputation from the customers since founded in 1987.All our designs and products are strictly inspected according to the safety standards to make sure all the parts of the toys will cause no harm to the kids. All the metal parts are smooth and the plastic parts are no-toxic, anti-ultraviolet property, conforming to the standard of FOOD class.


2.  Experienced

In order to make sure that every part of our products can make you satisfied and reach your requirements.

All our products are strictly and safely produced .Our products bring to the children not only happiness but also the health and wisdom.


3. Competitive price

Because of the direct selling,our price is more competitive.With the same amount of money, you will enjoy more experienced designs,faster delivery,professional installation instructions and much better services.


4. High Quality

We always believe that the best way to return customers is to provide the most superior goods.Our products owe the long-lasting color,innovative

design and professional producing which can help keep our products in a good condition even after long time use or even in the harsh

climatic conditions. All the parts will keep high durability between the temperature -50°C~50°C.


Main products of our company: 

Outdoor series: Playground structure, swing, seesaw, spring rider, climbing frame, fitness equipment, park bench, artificial grass. 

Indoor series: Soft playground, slides, children's gym soft toys, seesaws and rocking horse, school furniture. 


Contact Information

Please Always Feel free to call me: 86-577-67162756 /86-13777762616
Official Website: 

If you are interested in our gym equipment, outdoor gym equipment, steel gym equipment, outdoor steel gym equipment, outside gym equipment, pls feel free to contact with me. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.


Do you want to find and buy fitness equipment? When buying fitness equipment and actually using it, the highest health and physical fitness is possible. When you read this article, you will find how to buy some great equipment and discover some great benefits to do so.

There are many different ways to make you healthy. However, one of the best things you can do is to insist on buying fitness equipment and use it regularly.

It's a much easier discipline than running, jogging, or doing push ups and other activities. Why? Because when you have tangible things, you will be more likely to work everyday.

The good news is that there are many options here. It's a good idea to spend time looking for and buying fitness equipment that suits you. There are many options, such as treadmills, weight training, rowing machines, aerobic training equipment and so on. It's a good idea to spend time on finding the best things.

This may occur in some studies.

The first thing to do is to see what you like. If you are new to health and fitness, exercise, and so on, then it can take a little mental search to find the right choice, you like it, and will be willing to put in time to use it.

If you use the gym and want to use your own fitness equipment to add this, you will probably know what you like, and it's much easier to choose the best choice than you don't know. Whether you use the gym or not, buying home appliances is a good idea. It not only saves a lot of money, but it can actually make your fitness level different, because it is there, and it doesn't have to be arranged in the gym, which may be expensive.

There are many ways to buy fitness equipment. For example, fitness magazines are generally filled with the choice of buying fitness equipment.

Locally, you can also find stores that specializes in such devices, or at least sell them. A better solution. I like to surf the Internet, that is, buying fitness equipment and surfing the Internet. When you buy online, you will eventually find that you can get a better range of choices, which will make all the difference.

It's a good idea to be able to buy the best, and most local stores do not have the choice we need. Online shopping has extra benefits. You can actually order and go home.


When you are keen to buy a home fitness equipment, but watch out for the cost, there is a way to get the benefits of exercise without wasting your budget. You can use almost useless equipment and are still in good working condition. You can buy second-hand sports equipment from friends, or buy good things from online stores or actual sports shops.  Online retailers provide a wide range of equipment, including treadmills, fixed bicycles, stepping machines, elliptical trainers, free weight and other sporting goods, discounts or special prices. Online auction sites also provide suitable venues for individuals who want to sell second-hand equipment and pass the tender process.

One view is that low - priced fitness trainers may not be made of strong and durable materials, and may have serious defects, which will cause discomfort to the users. On the contrary, fitness equipment with quality usage continues to surge in sales.

Here are some tips that you can remember to buy second-hand equipment. Before buying, understand your current fitness level and make sure that the machines you own will serve you. When you have a photo taken, you really want to build your mini family gym and check how the "use" device has been. Has equipment been abused by its former owners and easily collapsed in a few weeks? Does the warranty still cover the equipment at the time of purchase?

It might be a good idea to try this machine first. Whether you buy second-hand fitness equipment from friends or buy it in the yard, you need to test it to prevent headaches or regrets. Also check whether the model you purchased has been eliminated, so it is difficult for you to find replacement parts when a fault occurs. Most fitness instructor manufacturers maintain a website. Check information through online check information, or call the company to check the relevant data. It is ideal to choose from a well known company with good performance.

Buying a slightly used device will save you a lot of money than buying a new device from an ordinary sports equipment store. Another reason consumers choose to buy used health machines is that they know the speed of the model and think they may soon buy another kind of equipment.

Please note that there are also sporting goods suppliers specializing in second-hand fitness equipment. They are usually people who are contacted by a company or a gym operator or a personal fitness enthusiast who want to separate from the fitness equipment they use a little (when they find they want to invest more advanced fitness equipment). Some shops that use old fitness equipment will check the condition of their old sports equipment and improve them to make them more innovative. Ideally, a good shop has checked the product quality control before selling the product as a refurbishing body building equipment.

Some stores even add extra items to meet customer specifications. They also provide warranty for the equipment. So, you see, deciding to buy home fitness equipment does not require expensive effort. As long as the choice is good.

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